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XLM vs Ripple: Cross Border Transaction

  • Aug 30, 2018
  • By  Benjamin Azam
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XLM and Ripple are both trying to aim for the same spot. Who is going to be the mass spreader of Cross-Border Transaction

XLM and XRP have the same end goal; to be the go to platform for global transactions across borders, but they have two very different ways of going about it. Is one on the right path and other heading for failure? That is too soon to say, there is a potential that they could both succeed but then that doesn’t make for a very good article.

On the one hand you have XRP, strongly aligning itself with banks and major institutions. Whereas on the other hand you have XLM who work with startups, taking piecemeal steps towards their end goal.

A drawback of XRPs method of teaming up with the big boys is that there more spotlight on XRP than almost any other crypto. With that spotlight comes not only extra pressure to succeed but also the target of many investigations; XRP is almost the face on the dartboard of Crypto for institutional backlash.

Although XLM hasn’t garnered such negative attention, its slow and steady approach has meant that its progress is somewhat lagging behind.

Both methods have drawbacks and as of now there is no clear out and out winner, but to take it even one step further there is a real possibility that both could achieve success and be side by side; the PepsiCo and Coca Cola of the money transfer game.

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