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Ripple Bounce Spotted

  • Sep 12, 2018
  • By  Mikaeel Dada
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Nouvive has release an Immediate buy at the levels stated below on Ripple.

The technical analysis is as follows:

During the middle of August, we witnessed XRP/Ripple bounce from the lows of $0.25471 all the way to $0.36.

This area marked in Red is a historical bounce zone on the lower time frames.

XRP’s Market sentiment is still close to an all-time high.

A bounce with Bitcoin also bouncing at the same time will lead to a 16.71% increase over 1 Week. Especially as in the $0.29 area, there appears to be far more buys – this area could be used as a Propeller to get XRP back to the usual range of just trading above $0.31.

The gradually decreasing volume illustrates a large move is about to occur. This coupled with far more buys than sells in the area - illustrates a strong support area. 


Nouvive recommends a long from $0.25471, with a stop loss at $0.25100 and a take profit at $0.29-0.32. Always increase stops in profit.


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