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XLM Cross-Border Transaction Partnership

  • Aug 30, 2018
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XLM have a partnership and exchange listing on the horizon: Could these be the one. 

XLM is a tiger that is lying in weight. Awaiting for the Coinbase addition.

Simply on the announcement that it could possibly be added, XLM shot up by 40%.

With a positive momentum that faces us following September 10th, it appears that Coinbase will be added XLM Shortly.   

Today it was announced by Tempo Money Transfer, a European Union Licensed payment service provider to use Stellar to reduce costs, increase speed of transactions and reliability. 

Banks are responsible for a majority of foreign exchange transfers whereas companies such as Western Union are responsible for one third of these transaction. 

The migration into the blockchain is owed as banks don't do as well with payment transfers under $10,000. 

Why Invest

With the Fundamental analysis supplied by CACM Global and Aeries Ratings, Nouvive has found specific levels to purchase XLM at. 

Nouvive heavily believes in Dollar Cost Averaging, this is the process of purchasing a coin at one quarter intervals each time to average out the overall purchase in value. 

The first support according to the 0.382 on the Fib Line, an area that has been well guarded over the past several hours. 

Nouvive recommends the prudent investor to use DCA 2 and DCA 3 to average in their trades with one level remaining at DCA 4. 

DCA 4 is local lows over the past 1 and a half months since the retracement of the Coinbase pump. 

Once an individual purchases at the below levels, we Recommend you to hold until an announcement is released by Nouvive. 

Nouvive recommends a buy around $0.2000, $0.2042 & $0.195 with the first stop loss at $0.192, increasing stop losses in profit. 

Nouvive recommends taking profit at $0.34.

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