Sep 25, 2018 Last Updated 9:51 AM, Sep 15, 2018
Ontology Network is a blockchain ledger network combining distributed identity verification, data exchange and collaboration, procedure protocols, attestation and other community services and various industry-specific modules. The current ONT token price is $8.30. Since its ICO the token price has gone up by x41.14, i.e. every $1 invested in ONT at the stage of ICO would be worth $41 today.

Relative Strength Index

Our fundamentals series provides readers with the knowledge they need to better understand NouVive’s Crypto Watch and Recommended Trades, as well as to enable you to conduct more informed trades of your own.
Through WeViveLive’s articles on Fundamentals, NouVive seeks to provide subscribers with supplementary knowledge on technical analysis. These supplementary articles will allow you to become more comfortable with how cryptocurrency trading works, better understand our traders’ analysis accompanying Market Signal reports and capitalise on more informed trades.

CME Futures and Bitcoin

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Chicago Board of Trade (CME) is an American financial market company operating an options and futures exchange. Futures are a contract wherein to parties agree to buy and sell something at a pre-set point in the future at a particular price. The way this works is that I might agree to sell someone 1 BTC…
Alongside Volume and RSI, Ichimoku Cloud is frequently used by NouVive’s traders to conduct successful 6.7x trades. We often rely on these indicators to supplement the fundamental analysis we conduct, collectively upon which we base our Recommended Trades.
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