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XRP: Perfect Buy in Level found

  • Sep 11, 2018
  • By  Mik'aeel Dada
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There has been a lot of positive news coming out of the Ripple Base.

  • Royal Bank of Canada has stated that XRP and Ripple can save Financial Institutions 46% Per Payment.
  • Ripple and R3 have reached a settlement in their lawsuit – the resulting figures and facts remain confidential and unknown.

 What about Ripple’s Latest Feats?

 Ripple has three major projects xVia, xCurrent and xRapid.

  • xCurrent is an end-to-end tracking and messaging system that allows banks to communicate in real-time. This is an automated process that ensures all payments are properly tracked and accounted for.
  • xRapid is the program that uses XRP, when banks want to send global payments xRapid sources liquidity from XRP in the first market (AUD) and then sells the XRP in the new market (USD). This lowers the cost of the transaction, increases the speed and reduces the risk of holding some currencies.
  • xVia, this software is what brings it all together. XVia acts like a plugin on chrome. All you have to do is install it. This adds added functionality.

 Ripple is one of the major coins that Traditional Finance identifies with, this makes it have both excellent market sentiment and corporate identity.

 What does the technical analysis show?

 As a result of all Crypto-assets being tethered to both Bitcoin and USD, XRP has seen its value decrease, this will eventually see $0.25263 as a level last seen in August 13th– in which Bitcoin saw $5880.

 This level makes it the perfect place to repurchase, especially for prudent investors who like the fundamentals stated above about Ripple.

 According to the technical indiciators, XRP is about to re-visit the 0.2529 level once more. If this occurs, we will see a double bottom if Bitcoin is able to hold the $5880 level.

Once this happens, Nouvive anticipates based on both Market sentiment and historical price actions, that XRP within a matter of days reaching this level will have a relied bounce between $0.28 and $0.295, marking this a 17.68% increase from simply just buying the dip.


Nouvive recommends buying at $0.25263 and taking profit at 0.29785.


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