Sep 25, 2018 Last Updated 9:51 AM, Sep 15, 2018
GOChain recently hitting Binance is in the run of competing to beat Ethereum. Can it reach the same highs?
Earlier this Month, We posted that Steem will be one of the new coins on Coinbase. Every coin that has hit coinbase has seen an average 45% increase. Steem is one of the coins, Nouvive recommends buying during this bearish market.
ICO’s have been indirectly declared as securities by a New York Federal Judge. This was covered in a district court, meaning this isn’t the federal view point. Nonetheless, it is the first step in stating that U.S Securities law cover ICO Token sales. This can be seen on a Global sphere as to lead further class action suits against ICOs,…
XVG or Verge is best known as a Privacy token, what's interesting is their latest Fiat Purchasing exchange addition.
XLM have a partnership and exchange listing on the horizon: Could these be the one.