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XVG Fiat Pairing: Reversal of Fortunes

  • Aug 30, 2018
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XVG or Verge is best known as a Privacy token, what's interesting is their latest Fiat Purchasing exchange addition. 


Despite being a lesser known Exchange, XVG has been recently listed on AnyCoin Direct. An exchange platform based in Europe. 

Investors can now trade XVG against Fiat. 

This comes as interesting to the Nouvive team as XVG is a privacy token, allowing straight fiat purchases could allow individuals to purchase black market items. 

An argument against this is that the exchange is strict on their KYC and AML procedures, better known as Know Your Client as part of Domestic and International Money laundering regulations. 

We saw a 95% decrease from its All Time High as a result of several controversies including:

  • The coin was attacked by DDOS twice, this means the coin was crashed - making it unusable for several hours. 
  • Their recent collaboration with Pornhub did not manage to sparkle investors. 

According to CoinMarketCap, Verge is currently at $0.014 with a market cap of $221 Million. 

The team has been working on development updates, on the 20th August, the team publishing their development update 3. 

Why Invest

With the Fundamental analysis supplied by CACM Global and Aeries Ratings, Nouvive has found specific levels to purchase XVG at. 


The coin as stated above has fallen close to 95% from its ATH or All Time Highs. More recently any good news has failed to rejuvenate the company. 

The two peaks were from rumours in February of Pornhub listing and then the actual listing with Pornhub. 

The original peak in early august illustrates how strong the 0.236 line is. 

This means that when XVG does reverse, we will see 0.236 as a strong resistance to break. 

Following that the perfect level to take profit will be at 0.5 fibonacci, this will only occur when XVG has finished their technical achievements. 

Nonetheless, with the recent exchange to fiat listing, this sparks some more excitement into the recently unheard of coin. 

Their community and market sentiment has died down since May. 

Nouvive recommends a buy around $0.01195 & $0.0053 with the first stop loss at $0.0045, increasing stop losses in profit. 

Nouvive recommends taking profit at $0.053 & $0.070. 

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