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Free Best Move of 2018

  • Jul 28, 2018
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Nouvive's Ethical Values are to increase awareness and adoption of Cryptocurrencies. We release Free Coin calls every Friday to do so.

LSK has stopped being loved, when in reality, the fundamentals are unchallenged still in the Crypto space.

Lisk or LSK has each time, it dropped to the bottom (the green box) it has bounced by double the previous time. The first time, it went up by 335%, the next time went to 800%, what about the next time? 1600%?

LSK allows traditional or average developers to be able to create their own software on the blockchain. This is as a result of their technology using JavaScript, ask any developer and this would be the first language that they learn.

As Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies takeover the world, Day by Day, more and more companies and individuals seek to blockchain their services or product. This makes LSK more valuable to us.

Moreover, LSK has been able to solve Scalability far better than Ziliqa and Ethereum. Scalability is the speed at which the blockchain can match the demand. Ethereum’s Sharding or scalability is only ready at the end of 2019, start of 2020. LSK has been ready and in use for the past 6 months.

Enter 50%: 0.000365

Enter 50%: 0.000400

Take Profit 50%: 0.00400

Take Profit 50%: 0.00450

Profit: 1000%

Stop Limit: 0.000325

Risk: 7%

Time: Early January 2019

Probability – 94%






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