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4th of July and the independence of bitcoin Featured

  • Jul 04, 2018
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What is American Independence Day?


4thof July is when the Declaration of Independence was signed. This is when the 13 Colonies at the time declared themselves states and were no longer part of the British Empire.


The states wanted independence from the British after they didn’t want to be told what to do via ‘the intolerable acts’. They were no longer allowed to be autonomous and couldn’t make their own decisions. They were also heavily taxed through the Tea acts.


The independence Act was the 13 States standing up for the freedom of their rights.  


What is the Independence of Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is anti-establishment, it was created to stand up to Governments who wouldn’t allow Freedom of Money. It was created as a form of anti-government that as a result of its decentralised mechanisms no one person has complete authority over how Bitcoin can be used or has a decision-making authority.


Bitcoin represents Free Speech, as a result of its privacy through no names being shown – only numbers – it certainly undermines all authoritarian figures.


How are they similar?


The USA when first conceptualised was also anti-authoritarian, Pro-Freedom of Speech and anti-one governing authoritarian.

Likewise, this is currently where Bitcoin is: Anti-establishment, anti-authoritarian and Pro-Freedom of Speech.



Satoshi, the creator of Bitcoin has the same birthday as Roosevelts 6102 Executive Order, which forbade the hoarding of Gold. This meant that no one person could have majority ownership of Gold within the States of America.

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