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Ethereum: Is this a Reversal?

  • Sep 13, 2018
  • By  Mikaeel Dada
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Ethereum, failed to bounce on the GUSD good news, but seemingly the rejection of the support has seen it soar by close to 6%

Ethereum on the higher time frames is illustrating that there is a reversal occurring. Looking at the Higher time frame of 3 Days, we can see that it has surpassed the 15 Moving Average - A look over the past 15 Days. 

This area for the past 12 days has acted as a resistance, thereby showing that there is a bullish sentiment renewed in the market. A close over $190 over the next 3 days, illustrates a revival. 

On the lower time frames of 6 hours to 1 Day, it can be seen that Ethereum has surpassed the previous resistance of 55 Moving Average. A close over $186 today would illustrate a definite revival for the rest of the week. 

Moreover, a continued increase to $194-196 would see the Moving averages crossing over that could ultimately take Ethereum to the 200 Day moving average. 


Nouvive has compiled both Bearish and Bullish


  • Double bottom on the $168 area. 
  • A lot of buys on the way down, especially just above $170 - acting as a strong support area. 
  • Increased buy side pressure, through the volume. 
  • Decreasing volume, increasing buy side pressure illustrates that the next several moves will be bullish ultimately. 
  • High probability chance of a MA crossover illustrating a large move upwards, potentially to the $210 area. 


  • We still have to wait for the 1 and 3 Day closes especially above $186 and $190 respectively to issue a reversal. 
  • RSI Stochastic crossed over and Ethereum heavily overbrought on the lower time frames - but not on the higher time frames. 



Nouvive recommends a long from $185-187, taking profit at $210. The first stop loss at $183, with stops increasing in Profit. 

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