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Ethereum - Fight for $200

  • Sep 10, 2018
  • By  Mikaeel Dada
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Ethereum if you do not bounce from the level below, Altcoins will crash a further 45% 

Ethereum's Founder, Vitalik Buterin stated that he believes that the price of Ethereum is hyper inflated. 

This comes suprising to the rest of the crypto-asset market as that is what Charlie, the Litecoin Founder highlighted during the Top of the Bull-Market in 2018 when he sold all of his Litecoins at $320. 

Especially now that Litecoin had lows of $60. 

Vitalik sold 25% of his Ethereum's at $14, with its high reaching $1200. 

The Market took Vitalik's statements negatively seeing it crash to lows of $189, the lowest we have seen since October 2017. 

What will Happen today? 

ETH has seen highs of $204, before crashing to under $195 and stabilising them overnight. Especially during the weekly close in which we saw a further Lower Low. 

ETHereum has a negative market sentiment. On the lower time frames, during the London open, to stop Ethereum from falling below $195, there was a large market buy to stop the further crushing to lower $190's. 

The trendline that has restarted on Sunday illustrates that ETH will fall to $194.50 before bouncing to the upper $202 levels. 

This is despite the negative statement and correlates with the increase in both sell-side 


Nouvive recommends a Buy at $192-194 before taking profit at $203. 



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