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EOS Long: Quiet and Dangerous

  • Sep 13, 2018
  • By  Mikaeel Dada
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EOS has been quite on their marketing fronts, this does not mean that they haven’t prospered. It simply means, that they are up to something that is unknown to the market.

Nouvive has noticed that despite the technological vulnerabilities that are seen within EOS, they have still not been neglected, nor has the Value been decreased as soon as those vulnerabilities have been found.

This makes it a great coin as a result of the market sentiment.

What does the Technical analysis state:


  • A close above the 15 MA on the higher time frames of 3D will illustrate a bullish revival, keen for the upper levels of $5, close to $6.
  • The RSI Stochastic illustrates that EOS is not about to dump, despite increased sell side pressure seen.
  • Inverse Heads and Shoulders spotted on the 3D Higher time frame, this illustrates that there will be a bullish breakout.
  • A lot of buy side pressure as EOS will make its way up from $5.10 to $6.
  • Moving Average crossovers spotted.
  • Despite increased sell side pressure at $5.50, a liquidation run will get EOS to $5.85.


  • 15 Moving Average has been acting as a resistance since the first of September, with eos unable to reach the 55 Moving average.
  • A slight pullback can be seen right now following an inverse heads and shoulders, this will not come as cause for worry as the RSI will reset.


Nouvive is buying EOS at $4.97, with a stop loss at $4.94 and a take profit at $5.40

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