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Why You Should Buy IOVO : Airdrop tokens available

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In the modern digital world, we produce very high amounts of data at any time. This data is then stored, transmitted and shared without our knowledge. These valuable data represent our human value and when we check this information we lose its internal value. This limits our ability to earn money through different currency forms of human value. Why are data so valuable? Why do most people want to take control of manipulation and monetization of data? The Value Omniledger (IOVO) will return the Internet to the individual as the owner of this value and store it safely. IOVO liberalizes the monetization of data for all participating parties, expressed as electronic identities. The IOVO platform was made to return personal property and control one’s data I.

At present, more than one central structure fully utilizes the data generated by the users and daily lives of different platforms. IOVO solves this problem by providing a decentralized network database that enables users to exploit their personal values ​​directly or through their collection, storage and sharing through numerous decentralized applications (dApps).

IOVO is designed to democratize valuable data ownership, storage and monetization to maintain labor and service processes in the light of ongoing automation.

The term of Omniledger refers to the status of ’accounting for leaders accounting, which is IOVO’s and universal global database network that acts as a fundamental layer for different decentralized social and commercial applications“. IOVO will turn into a growing, secure and transparent infrastructure.

Modern social and economic reality is increasingly dependent on data. Data flow (collection, storage, management, change, etc.) defines the structures of power in politics and economy. The centralization of all data processes damages democracy and is the main reason for the current and future decline in human value. So IOVO is required. https://iovo.io

The Importance of IOVO:
Large organizations collect and process data generated by the activities of almost every human being. They do not have any control over individuals and do not have technical references to determine how they are used. While data is collected and monetized, people who produce this data do not benefit. Once centralized, these personal data are passed to unauthorized, often hostile institutions.

A cumulative universal database can be easily scanned and analyzed. IOVO is a comprehensive network database accessible to analysts and researchers in every conceivable area.

IOVO’s Operating System:
IOVO is a DAG designed as a platform for various applications. The main functions of IOVO are to collect, store and secure user data shared with applications built on the IOVO DAG. User data cannot be accessed by other users without the original user’s permission. If a user agrees to share his data, they will receive a predetermined charge when they access the data. While maintaining full control, users decide how much of their data is accessible from the outside for other parties. Every browsing action and query requires a payment. IOVO serves as a personal data wallet. Creates a powerful universal database that allows for unlimited analytics opportunities.
IOVO provides infrastructure to create a new data economy that allows users to make money and gain access to data that has been previously only available to platform and application owners.

IOVO’s Solution:
IOVO is a decentralized database ecosystem. It planned to give power to data owners and data and to make money for those who created them. IOVO is designed to provide full control over all users’ data and how to share them. Users decide what is going to be exposed, who gets access and what they want to pay for it. Users have all their personal data and other data from it. This constitutes a general record of information about all kinds of data related to IOVO, as well as a database of all possible scoring scales and information from that information.

IOVO offers;

For users:
IOVO gives users full control over data, data acquisition, data retention, digital value and privacy. The benefits of IOVO for users include:
Data wallet and access to the IOVO network.
Data ownership.
Data security and transparency.
Monetization of data.

For Dap and Application Owners:
IOVO guarantees complete data security to application operators and decentralized applications. In addition, this data allows users to earn money with the approval and strict data security and privacy standards by supporting user growth. The benefits IOVO provides to dApp and application owners are:
Access to a comprehensive global database with data wallet.
Monetization of data.
Data security.
Acquisition of more users.
History that cannot be changed.

For Companies and Data Analytics:
IOVO is a powerful network database for scanning, analyzing and extracting. The infrastructure is equipped with a comprehensive way of analyzing friendly and easy access to external analytical tools. Researchers and analysts can also use tools and solutions provided by IOVO. The benefits IOVO provides for companies and data analysts are:
Large data access to the entire network.
Data research and analysis.
Full anonymity.
Direct communication with users surveyed.
Secure data storage and unchangeable history.

Token Information:


Road map;


As a result:
IOVO is a decentralized database ecosystem. It plans to make money for data owners and data creators. IOVO is designed to provide full control over all users’ data and how to share them.

IOVO’s stability, safety and performance are guaranteed by the well-worked components of IOVO: DAG - IOVO, a multi-blockchain, carries the potential of block chain technology while maintaining scalability and performance. Do not miss the opportunity to invest in this project with high potential!

Meanwhile the Iovo Airdrop is still active, you can win free tokens by joining.

Iovo Airdrop Telegram Link

You can browse the links below for more information:

Web site: https://iovo.io

Whitepaper: http://iovo.io/assets/whitepaper.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iovoledger  

Telegram: https://t.me/iovoledger

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