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Coinchase is a Community-based Cryptocurrency Financial Services Network.

What is Coinchase

Coinchase is a Community-based Cryptocurrency Financial Services Network.

It is a new generation of financial services network. As traditional finance has lost its vitality, the emerging and fast-growing blockchain industry brings rapid development in this sector and high returns to customers. Coinchase is based on cryptocurrency: it aims to build a community-based financial network composed by individuals. Individuals are both creators and beneficiaries of the network. Coinchase acts as the organizer and service developer of its network.

Coinchase’s financial services include:
  • Investing:Coinchase selects projects with a higher probability of success through a selective, rigorous and strict due diligence process to provide users investment opportunities.
  • Savings: Users can save different cryptocurrencies such as ETC, BTC, USDT, and CCH on Coinchase to get returns according to savings terms.
  • Loan: Users can lend a certain percentage of USDT for use by tying the cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, CCH to the platform or to other platform users.
  • Exchange: Coinchase provides cryptocurrencies trading and crypto exchanger services.
  • OTC: When the public sale ends and before the token is exchange listed. Coinchase provides this service to users to trade their tokens on its platform. This will allow unlisted currencies to have liquidity.
  • News: Coinchase will aggregate and recommend various cryptocurrencies news, reports, timely news, etc. that users are interested in.
  • Community: Users can participate in the discussion about various project on Coinchase, follow other users, and discover the content that they are interested in.

Besides this Coinchase Will Subvert the Traditional Finance:

You are able to join Coinchase any time and anywhere without any limits. Coinchase Creates a new Finance network and gives you a new experience in finance.

Coinchase still helps users identify valuable Blockchain projects at early stages. Coinchase select projects which have a high probability of success through a rigorous diligence process. Coinchase provides a user-friendly interface with aggregated information on all token creators. This helps backers gain a holistic understanding of how to make smart investment decisions by themselves.

Coinchase value proposition

Due to so many Blockchain projects in the market, the bear market in 2018 has caused individual investors to endure heavy financial losses. Coinchase is a community-focused platform. It was designed from the users’ perspective, to help them find truly valuable Blockchain projects and maximize their benefits when investing in those projects. A serious crowdfunding platform such as Coinchase will showcase only high-quality and genuine projects and find genuine supporters for them. Early supporters are critical to the success of a Blockchain project. Like Bitcoin enthusiasts, early project supporters will help make a truly meaningful launching, so that once it’s listed on exchanges, there will be genuine and loyal supporters, not just speculators, and the project’s token value will increase. Conversely, a Blockchain project with insufficient supporters is doomed to fail.

Coinchase aims to help users

1. Find truly valuable blockchain projects

2. Share its profits from listed project’s Public sales and community financial services.

3. Access financial services, loan and savings facility with up to 10% APY

Break and Return Insurance

If a project cryptocurrency falls below the crowdfunding price on the day of the listing, users can choose to be refunded by Coinchase.

‘Break and Return’ Principle

Coinchase asks project parties to participate in the 48 hours of ‘Break and Return’ policy, in order to protect participants in a bear market. The value of a high-quality blockchain project will gradually increase with the constant flow of new supporters. So Break and Return is primarily a means of insurance. What truly encourages users support is the project itself. As exemplified by Bitcoin, only by paying attention to the value of each project will one reap the greatest returns.

What is CCH

CCH is the token issued by Coinchase. Coinchase inspires users to participate in its platform building by allowing them to acquire benefits (CCH) through rapid platform growth.

CCH Participation Incentives

Coinchase rewards users with 51% of the total CCH to incentivize participation

CCH Distribution
  • Participation Incentives: 51%
    Coinchase rewards users with 51% of the total CCH to incentivize participation
  • Public Sale: 20%
    Unlocked one day before CCH’s exchange listing
  • Team: 15%
    Unlocked along with participation incentives
  • Platform Ecology and Operations: 10%
    Unlocked along with participation incentives.
  • Advisors & Early Investors: 4%
    Unlocked daily during a one-year period.

Coinchase membership Policy

Coinchase member can enjoy exclusive member benefits:

1.Break and return

2.Preferential Purchasing Privileges

Coinchase offers a monthly membership plan. Users may choose to become a Coinchase member to enjoy exclusive member benefits. When a user chooses to become a member, 2ETH worth of CCH will be locked for a period of 30 days in their Coinchase account. Withdrawing that amount is not allowed during that period as the membership fee (2ETH worth of CCH Tokens) will be locked. Before CCH’s launching and exchange listing, its price will be defined in ETH according to its Public Sale price. After 30 days, users may choose to continue being a member for one more months as well as they are able to request a withdrawal of the membership fee. Membership status allows members to enjoy the member’s benefits for 30 days at a time. Membership may be renewed in a monthly basis. Note that, in order to enjoy membership benefits from each project, members must keep their membership status for 30 consecutive days from the day they purchased the chosen project’s token during their Public Sale. If a user’s membership is due to expire before 30 days from the day they purchased tokens during a Pubic Sale, members will be required to renew their membership status in order to enjoy the benefits from that project.

Why Buy CCH Now

Constant demand, consistent growth. As Coinchase’s member benefits attract more users, the total number of CCH tokens will remain the same. As CCH grow scarce, so does their value rise.

Why Choose Coinchase

○ Secure and Trusted : We store the vast majority of cryptocurrencies in secure offline storage. All investment is fully insured. Security is our number one priority.

○ Great Rates, Great Benefits : Coinchase offers great rates and great benefits to users through loans, quantitative trading, preferred investment, and profit sharing from Coinchase’s website.

○ Comprehensive Risk Management : We maintain strong risk management, strong compliance with regulations, and excellent operational controls.

○ 0 Fees : No annual, transaction and other account fees. Fee free, for real.

Coinchase is a new choice of your life, choose Coinchase to be your future financial protector.

Coinchase Bonus

1. Sign up on Coinchase you will get 40CCH token.

2. Invite your friends to join Coinchase and they’ll get 80CCH. Once they successfully participate in any Public Sale on our platform, you’ll receive up to 20% commission.

Telegram : https://t.me/coinchase_global
     Twitter : https://twitter.com/Coinchase_com
                           Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/coinchase/
                                 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Coinchaseofficialcom/
               Medium : https://medium.com/@coinchaseofficial
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