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IOTA: What’s Happening Partnerships & Price Analysis

  • We’ve received a lot of requests to Nouvive Research to look over IOTA
  • Currently they unloved despite having a whole host of partnerships collaborations and affiliations
  • One of the most encouraging Internet of Things Blockchains at the moment


Nouvive Research has recieved a lot of enquiries as to what’s happening to IOTA, their Trading price and their partnerships. Nouvive is here to answer this.

IOTA in comparison to their competitors:

  • IOTA count VET, IOT and others as their competitors.
  • Their competitors do not have the same partnerships, collaborations and affiliations as IOTA does as can be seen by the graph below.

Their competitors including the largest, VET and IOT do not have as many partnerships, nor have the progressed as far.

Let’s take a long intricately into the partnerships listed: 

  • IOTA & Fujutsu: The company is using IOTA Technology in the automotive and manufacturing industries. Fujitsu have hinted that they may use Tangle by IOTA to power several of their factories for efficiency basis.
  • IOTA & Volkswagen: VW is in the process of using iota to deliver new updates and added functionalities to their cars without the need of manual service.
  • IOTA & BOSCH: The company has not stated their uses but one of their subsidiaries is using the technologies to help with mobility and transportation as per the link here.  NOUVIVE CONFIRMED. 
  • IOTA & Microsoft: Albeit not an official partnership, nor can be confirmed it is stated on the Official IOTA Blog. This has not been confirmed by Nouvive – but there are communications between the two companies.

What about the trading value? 

  • The OnBalance Volume illustrates the amount of open interest and volume there is within a market. OBV currently illustrates that IOTA is in the process of accumulation.
  • There are large amounts of volume – however over the past 1 week, the volume has been below the 90D Average.
  • The decreasing volume illustrates that a large move will occur shortly.
  • IOTA on the higher time frames is currently trading below the 15MA – it is proving difficult to rise above this.
  • A dump has been rejected over the past 2 days as IOTA bounced up recently.
  • There are a lot of volume gaps at $0.50 and $0.55 that have to be filled.
  • RSI Stochastic is proving to be bullish as it has recently signaled that it is ready to go up.
  • The RSI Stochastic illustrates the last time it saw these figures it bounced to $0.55.
  • On the 1W time frame, it appears that IOTA needs to go to $0.38 before it can retest the higher figures such as $0.79 and $1.22

Nouvive and Nouvive Research sees a trade as a dollar cost averaging from $0.37 to $0.46 with a take profit at $2.23 in a 6 month trade.

The probability of this occuring has been given an Ultra High chance of 77%.

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