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Why CoinEx is one of the fastest Growing Crypto Exchanges

CoinEx is currently one of the fastest growing Exchanges. Why is this?

The biggest and fastest developing crypto money exchange is currently in Binance, but Coinex has also started to make a name for itself in this field.

Founded in December 2017, Coinex is a Global Digital Money Exchange that allows users to trade with a wide variety of crypto currencies. The algorithms used to build this platform take advantage of advanced SSL technology, and with this block-based stock market, users can be confident that all of their assets will be protected in a transparent manner.

As in Binance (BNB), Coinex also has its tokeni (CET). Like Binance, this stock exchange also has 50% less commission for transactions. Also, if you turn off this feature, half of the 0.1% commission will return to you as CET again.

High-speed processing power, OTC (Over The Counter) market capability and safety are much better than other stock exchanges are among the factors affecting Coinex’s glare. Shortly after the opening, according to the CoinMarketCap data, I recommend that you take the 8th place among the top 10 crypto money exchanges. There is also a Mobile App for Android and IOS devices!

What are the important features of Coinex?

* Good Match Ability:
The Coinex stock market uses programming codes that provide fast and efficient price matching for all crypto coins that can be traded on the platform to give users the best opportunities. As a result, not only can you save on additional costs, but you also get crypto money at the lowest possible price.
* 100% Reserve Based:
In this mode of operation, a bank / exchange rate essentially holds the kuru full amount of each user’s fund Bu. As a result, all withdrawals are processed immediately without waiting.
* Safe:
As mentioned earlier, Coinex uses a protection system known as Boyut Full Size Protection Daha. Full-Size Protection means that you can use a variety of security protocols that protect individual aspects of the platform, including payments and transfers, as well as individual transactions.
* Easy to Use:
According to other online crypto money exchanges, which can be very difficult to use, Coinex offers a very simple operation. It can be used by both novice and advanced users.
* Trans-Fee Mining:
The trans-fee mining model converts users’ transaction fee to tokens. This means that users can basically trade freely, while the stock uses the increase in token usage. This system is called trans-fee mining. Users get certain tokens as they get back commission fees.
* OTC (Over The Counter):
One of the most decisive aspects of this platform is that there is a market called ler Over the counter,, which is not established and is shaped according to customer demands.
* Good Profit Margins:
In order to promote crypto investments, Coinex offers its customers good profit margins to promote the use of currencies such as ETH, BTC all over the world.
* Futures Contracts:
Coinex is a stock exchange that allows people to swap forward transactions that allow them to trade through “standardized futures contracts Co. This is an agreement that allows us to purchase al a certain amount of commodity or financial instrument at a specific price med. However, the delivery of the asset is done at a later stage.

So, what kind of a scenario is waiting for CET

Since the very first day CET has gone up to 2400 sats, along with the campaigns, prizes and competitions. Investors who knew the fact that the Bitcoin Cash team behind them had achieved beautiful profits. CET is currently at 90% below the ATH level. It isn’t even sincere to see 200 sats levels if 240 sats levels are broken down, which is an important turning point in daily and weekly charts. Based on the average of 1500 sats in which the volume of the stock market is formed, we can say that the volume at this level is not realistic. As a matter of fact, I can see the most important investment level of 240 sats. At the end of October, the CET will be handed out to the traders holding the CET with the photographs to be snapshots from the wallets. I think Coinex will revert back to its old volumes by announcing a new campaign. For the time being, the minimum gain rate is 30% from 240 sats.


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