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Three Paths XRP’s Value Can Take

We are at a crossroad and there are three potential paths for the final months of the year. There is a lot of hype and speculation; never mind predictions on where the future leads us as holders.

In this post I will describe the three potential scenarios given all of the information and conspiracies I’ve indulged in, and the many people I have spoken to, to bring clarity for the coming months. Neither is more likely than the other at the time of writing, but November will be a key indicator as to how this will play out.

I am not being paid to write this post, and I’d like to think I have a balanced view-point if not slightly biased in favour of a high XRP price towards the end of this year.

The first scenario is reaching up to seven pounds per coin at the end of the year. For this to happen, it would mean that all of the BG & RR riddles and hints were to create hype to push the price up and establish an army of naive gullible investors. It would be signalled by seeing very little price action throughout November and at best seeing a pound per XRP coin post the 21st. Key indicators to point towards this path are, strong resistance and bull movement in the stock market including the 5th of November and the 11th. The orchestrated stock dips, as we had seen on the 26th of October and previously predicted the 10th. Should we see less than a 100 points drop on those dates, between and after it. It would show that we shouldn’t pay any attention to the BG riddles of ‘remembering the 5th of November’, and the RR Riddles mentioning 10/10 and 11/11. (The riddles go more in depth than this.)

It would support the arguments by Technical analysis traders that October is simply the most volatile month and that the stock market would maintain its bullish if not a sideways pattern. It would also mean that from the 20th of Nov, which is when Temenos go live, we see no or little increase in volume and there is no big price valuation jump in November to push out potential investors. Which is predicted to be orchestrated.

Temenos design software for over 3000 banks and 41 in the top 50 so it would further justify the argument that there is little use case for XRP and we have to wait until next year to see what the future holds. It would be a massive disappointment for a community of up to eleven thousand people.
This price would be achieved by speculative trading and retail investors bringing another winter bull-run of less percentage gain than last year.

I don’t think this scenario is likely because in Q3 alone we saw institutions buy 160 million XRP and though in my opinion, it’s less than I was expecting; having institutions by five times more XRP in one quarter shows a big sentiment among institutions.

The second scenario is the cop-out scenario pushed by people that don’t want to look crazy and don’t want to be disappointed. This is the notion that we hit thirty to seventy pounds per coin by the end of the year, which somewhat proves the riddles, but shows the riddlers didn’t know as much as we hoped, and didn’t have clearance like they had said they did. This would show a stock market drop in the dates above and a bearish stock market sentiment throughout November, but still would not be as dramatic a crypto increase as investors hoped. It would mean that we see the price push up to five or ten pounds in the next three weeks, if not a drop in price for a final accumulation period and following, a shoot up on the 20th of November at 4 pm, (Late night in the UK). This would be a great success for a lot of investors that jumped in and would potentially show that 2019 we could see big gains and we’d definitely be on our way to a triple-digit XRP in the next bull-run. Which is too far away in my opinion, but an XRP price sitting here is still a great success in the idea of returns. This would also be pushed by more investors jumping on the train as XRP goes up, and would be signalled by a £10 XRP coin in November.

The third road we could take is the road promised months ago. It is seeing a very bearish stock market sentiment throughout November, and a plus 1000 point drop in the DJI, and comparative losses in the S&P500 etc on November 11th. A big rally in Gold and Silver. And It would be further signalled by the stock market dropping below yearly lows and panic amongst investors and the public. This is the first sign we are looking for to indicate the coming global reset. We would also see a big orchestrated dip on the 5th of November, which I believe is the date the SEC actually bring a decision on Bitcoin ETF’s. Solidifying the future for the institutions that have mined, bought, held and are now offering Cryptocurrency trading platforms, as opposed to delaying it until December which I feel may be too late for a Bitcoin lead bull-run. (See my last post)

It would be signalled by a big jump in XRP price in the first three weeks of November to shake out weak hands. I estimate twenty-five pounds, an even bigger price gain from the 20th of November following a stable bullish sentiment in XRP price amongst the public panic over the stock markets. It would indicate that institutions are buying all the XRP they can get their hands on. Banks will be sourcing liquidity from private exchanges. Coin Market Cap will update their figures to show how little XRP is available. Exchanges which have a limited supply of XRP would see a shortage and further pushing the price up. And this sentiment would only increase in December as Temenos customers are consistently pushing millions if not billions through the cryptocurrency. A first for any cryptocurrency; it would be the moment all XRP investors are waiting for. It would indicate that we will hit triple digits before the middle of December and would be well on our way to £455–589 by the last few days.

Those are the three scenarios XRP can take. No utility, little utility or the scenario we’ve been waiting for. I advise that if the price isn’t stable and triple digits by the 15th of December, cash out and wait for the bull run to end to buy back in, because if we don’t see a stable triple-digit price by then, we are going to see much of the same movement in the following year; albeit at a higher valuation.

Now to counter some criticisms and false beliefs in the market. IBM’s payment platform with Stellar does not use XLM, it uses a stable coin, so there is currently little use case for XLM and so it is not competition, nor do they have the thousands of banks in mutual connections like Ripple has.

SWIFT GPI is no competition for XRP as the new software transparently compares, and comprises of all payment and settlement transfer & liquidation services. XRP brings the best return of investment and allows them to forgo nostro pools, so they will choose that given that SWIFT transactions are still not any cheaper, they are just faster, but not close to XRP.

The only way we would see scenario one is if the US government consider XRP a security to tax, but that’s a highly unlikely scenario given trumps disdain for the Federal Reserve and connections with crypto and the overall sentiment of crypto on Wall Street right now. If XRP was a security, our notions of big gains would have been blown out of the water months ago, but they haven’t. We’re still here, now it’s a game of impatiently waiting.

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Shawaeb is currently long XRP.

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