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Don’t Fall for Andy’s Fallacy – Crypto is Here to Stay

  • CTFC state that Crypto-Assets are here to stay
  • A Confirmed Source stated that a U.K Closed Door Meeting took place to regulate Crypto-Assets
  • Don’t Be Like Andy.

Crypto Riches only come to those who aren’t stupid.

I’m hearing a lot of individuals discuss certain scenarios that seem out of question. I too assumed the same. XRP is this, it’s that. However, upon further investigation by Lead Writer Shawaeb – Nouvive has learned that indeed any individual sitting on XRP is sitting on a Gold mine within the next 10 years.

You are currently thinking, I don’t want to wait 10 years. However, all that can be stated is that there is a Home Grown Metaphor at Nouvive called Andy’s Fallacy.

What is Andy’s Fallacy?

Andy’s Fallacy is when an individual doesn’t wait for the best entry point. They watch what other individuals are doing and how much profit they are making. They jump from one trade from the next back to the first trade because that first trade pumped.

What they realise later is had they just waited for the first trade to materialise and have not second guessed themselves they wouldn’t be making the losses they are currently making. These losses include Fees, Exchange Transaction Costs & Being dumped upon by Smart Money.

Smart Money waits, this could be years, going as far as even One Decade – View Silver that has been in accumulation and heavily manipulated to stay within a small range so that it could be later sold from $14 to higher than $300.

Smart Money will later allow the financial instrument to run from $14 to $28 resulting in a 100% increase. This huge gain makes retail investors and those that traditionally don’t invest to flood into the market – once this happens they dump on them leaving them at huge losses.

Such was the case with Smart Money when XRP went all the way to $2.83 – before going as low as $0.20. The down-trodden – the Andy’s they all sold at a -83% loss. They were CHASING A SHORT-TERM GAIN FOR A LONG-TERM Profit.

This isn’t about telling traditional investors, those who invest once and constantly watch to not invest. This is telling them to not fall for Andy’s Fallacy.

This is telling them to wait because Crypto Riches could be 10 years away, but it’s better to wait than to miss out on your current positions.

Remember, Fidelity that has been Mining crypto-Assets for the past 3 years only created custodial situations this year and it will most likely be 6 months-1 year before it finally materialises. This will most likely be in-accessible to retail investors for another 3 years. This could mean that we may be an extended bear market for another 18 months. The last bear market was for as long as 24 Months.

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