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Why a 35p Cryptocurrency can reach £450 in two months

Ripple, the parent of the cryptocurrency XRP. Is set for big gains over the next two months. Here, I will dispel some myths and criticism that it has received for as long as it has been in the limelight.

Given the forecasting and playing out of certain events E.g. The Christmas market slump, the 10th of November and 11th of November crashes. It’s safe to assume that price manipulation of stocks, metals and cryptocurrencies happen.

XRP is solving a liquidity issue that no government officiated currency could solve. Currencies function through trade and mass adoption. Inflating the price due to a newly-generated scarcity.This is why Gold was the original currency used for millennia before the Gold back dollar came in the early 1900s. There is a lot of reasons why the people of western economies have lost their purchasing power.

One I will mention is inflation due to quantitive easing.
Printing money by the billions to pay debts, pushing that money out of the country. Thus further devaluing it in the global currency marketplace. This is clear in Greece & Turkey.

XRP is solving the liquidity issue banks face; facilitating our international payments.
When you send a payment to another country; the banks process that. And though you receive the money in a day, it doesn’t take a day to settle a transaction. It often takes a few days and the receiving bank dips into their pockets and pays you so you’re not waiting a week. Banks convert our money into an intermediary currency so you can receive what’s desired. They also have to store billions in foreign countries, which takes up a sizeable portion of their free assets. Which reduces liquidity for everybody.

Globally, there are trillions locked up in Nostro accounts to solve this. Nostro accounts E.g. Santander accounts held in other countries for quick inter-country payments. SWIFT, A network of banks handle these transactions; and handles around 6 trillion per day. The fees are very high compared to cryptocurrency and it takes too long to settle payments.

This inconveniences customers including regular people and those affected in the banking industry. No bank wants to pay more in fees, wait longer to receive money and have extensive amounts of capital locked up in other countries. Which is the issue XRP is solving.
The fees are less than a penny and it’s combined with programs used by banks that already allow cheap currency conversion and instant settlements.

It’s confirmed that SWIFT GPI is utilising XRapid as a plug-in. From November 20th, SWIFT will have updated its software and by the 30th, all banks will be forced to update their software.

What is exciting to XRP investors is that the software SWIFT GPI is a plug-in for Ripplenet, which comprises Xvia, XRapid and XCurrent. At first, these were separate software solutions that banks could pick between, but now Ripple has combined the three products to make the Ripplenet convergence. Which takes the power of choice from the banks who in choosing how they want to liquidate their transfers. Before they could settle fiat to fiat with xCurrent but now the software liquidates transactions using the cheapest method; which is always Xrapid.

The grand scheme here is a cryptocurrency with inflationary value is being used to transfer six trillion in cross border payments. Thus the price appreciates because so much of it is being used to handle the payments we already make. Which would change the game of cryptocurrencies and people’s opinions towards it.

Common criticisms are that we have not seen price action since October 3rd when XRapid went live. They ignore the fact that XRP has been leading the market in percentage gain, well over bitcoin.

Also, October 3rd was not the date to wait for, the real date you want to look at is the 18th of November, the 20th of November and the 30th of November. The 18th is when Swift GPI goes live, so from the 19th we should see a big increase in price gain. The 30th is when all banks will be using Ripplenet to liquidate cross-border settlements. Those are the days we will see a price gain.

There have been insider rumours spread to the public by two online anonymous personalities, The BG’s and Ripple Riddler, there is a community of people that decode the riddles and messages that we have received as they don’t just give us the information.

One of the more famed predictions is the price hitting $589. I will now dispel some myths about why this can happen in such a short time.

Firstly at around 30 cents, the burn rate of XRP is 4000 coins per day, as the price doubles because of volume so does the burn rate. As billions came in. The price would skyrocket and people don’t take into account how much will be lost at this rate.

Secondly transfers with XRP favour a higher price, because if less XRP is used, the cheaper the cost of the transaction.

There is 60 billion in escrow, these are for institutions and banks and governments. Ripple has ties with the IMF, SWIFT, and SAP & Temenos. Sap provide the software for over 41000 companies. Temenos control SWIFT and Temenos love XRP. And lots of banks.
Here’s a list: http://rppl.info

It is unlikely we will see much of that 60 billion released to public exchanges for retail traders to invest in.

The US dollar is losing its value now newer options are available. Countries like Russia and Venezuela don’t want to use the Petrodollar system to move money across borders.

Finally, Those that it concerns are tired of waiting days to receive payments. And we will see volume from infrastructures aside from this. Apple is integrating Ripple’s software in Safari, Google is partnered with Ripple. And Coil, another Ripple product, will follow the trend of ‘donations over advertising’ by allowing micro-donations. These are all points that are indicative of a new Internet, commonly referred to the Internet of Value, or Web 3.0.

Also to allow Iran access to the current global payments infrastructure. Which they’re sanctioned against by the US because SWIFT is a US Company.
The US has made decisions; the rest of the world don’t agree with. Thus people don’t want the US dollar to remain the global currency of trade and to have such control.

Ripple has partnered with Viamericas, MoneyNetInt, Western Union, MoneyGram and way more payment processing companies. SBI of Japan, Santander and Google remain Ripples biggest investors. And the Bank of England, Canada, America and Saudi Arabia are also partnered with Ripple. Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC — the list goes on.

NASDAQ, Fidelity and Bakkt, NYSE and Goldman Sachs have created their own Crypto exchange. Fidelity has assets of over 7.2 trillion. So while cryptocurrencies are labelled a use case for criminals and tax evaders. Know that institutional investors are pouring their trillions in.

Being an early adopter in Ripple will change your life because it is like investing into Facebook stocks in 2004 if they had them, but you’re investing into a currency, that will grow over time and has no ceiling in what price it can reach.

The economist magazine thirty years ago let us know of a new world currency with the dates ‘Ten.10.18’.
On that day, we saw the Dow Jones plummet a thousand points, and that was only the beginning.Remember, Bears hold down the markets, and prices are manipulated against us. Fitting some conspiracies.

Invest in XRP because from everything I’ve said. It will be an investment that provides a greater return than any others.
Trump wants this because he can pay off the Federal Reserve Debt and free himself and his country to an extent. Something for you to google. The higher the price, the wealthier the institutions get. A quick search will tell you what they’re investing in.

So do so, or work a job and struggle through the coming recession and bear markets. We’re a few years overdue for one. It’s your choice, but I have written this article so you know what is coming.

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