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DCR: You aren’t Investing, but should.

DCR: You aren’t Investing, but should.


What is DCR? Decred?


The original developers of Decred whilst working as Bitcoin developers found that there was key governance issues, therefore they sought to solve this through a hybrid proof of work and stake decision so that decision making could be decentralised.


The coin that has been around since 2014 has been working flawlessly where the stakeholders have given their votes to see if there should be any change in the protocol.


The team has been actively posting on their Github, illustrating that unlike most other crypto-assets – they are keen t continue and work towards their united goal.


Technology achievements:


Decred is ahead of most other coins as they have worked closely with Lightning Network, an achievement that Bitcoin is also working closely to achieve.

This allows for off-chain payment channels and to work to transact more efficiently, making it more cheaper to transact and for scaling.


DCR has been one of the first few crypto-assets to complete on-chain atomic swap, this is where a coin can easily be transferred for another, similarly to be a decentralised over the counter transaction, the first being DCR/LTC.


DCR is has prioritised development over PR and Marketing,


What Levels should I buy?

The chart showed DCR went from Early March Lows to see a 166% increases before decreasing further than March. 

Now, is the perfect time to invest in DCR, especially as a result of their fundamental values. 

0.0056 has proven to be their valued bottom, not to mention that it has been fervently both defended and then later used as a support. Now as a result of Bitcoin slightly increasing everyday, it seems that DCR too will follow as it has been one of the only coins to not increase more than 3%. 

Using Fibonacci retracement values, if DCR continues their way up, we could see it go to 0.008 where there are lowest amounts of sell – illustrating a volume gap in this direction. 

If the positive momentum is allowed to continue, we could see it go all the way above 0.5 to where the May support line resides to 0.011 representing a 80% increase on value.