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ADA Call: Hidden Love

EOS: Block One Short Term Move 5.23% Unleveraged – 50% with 10X Leverage


ADA or Cardano according to both CACM Global and Aeries Ratings is one of the best rated coins for fundamental reasons. 

Unfortunately, the technical indicators don’t reflect that. 

What about this trade?

ADA has been illustrating a lot of buy side volume over the past two weeks illustrating that a small cabal of individuals are purchasing at this level. 

This with the quiet yet excellent media sentiment indicates that ADA is getting ready for a move upwards. 

According to our technical analysts, a short-term standard move will see 15%. 

A longer-term if Bitcoin bounces shows that there is a 63.55% bounce. 

Nouvive believes that there is a high probability that short-term we shall see this 15% with a 74% chance that the longer-term bounce will occur. 

Therefore, Nouvive recommends a BUY. 

Where should you take profit, a short-term take profit should be at $0.1012 as a result of the sell pressure at that level, that could mean a retracement. 

A long-term take profit of 3 Week duration would illustrate a sell at $0.15, from both a wick upwards of the local support area and there being a huge sell wall there.