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Focus: NEO Projects

Following Nouvive’s Call on NEO after their team has announced their much-awaited NEO 3.0 Technology release. Nouvive decided to employ research analysts to see what Projects are built on the chain.

Here are the top 3 Projects currently being developed on NEO’S Platform and what they mean:

ONT – Ontology 

Ontology has been nicknamed a ‘trust ecosystem’ as it allows their partners and users to focus fully on their business operations.

Ontology uses a ledger to support numerous blockchains or traditional IT Systems. The vast amount of protocols allows it to carry out activities such as:

  • Verifying digital identifies
  • Authorisations of operations
  • Data Exchange

Ontology shares the same board as another technology development company, OnChain, whose founder is the same as NEO’s. Therefore, enabling Ontology to have a large and capable team with both experience and knowledge to carry out their mission statement.

The release of the Airdrop in which saw the coins go from $1 to $8 makes it a favourite among investors and traders alike. Moreover, their roadmap is ambitious, this ambition isn’t a barrier, a door which illustrates how the ONT team has completed milestone after milestone.


Everyone in the Crypto-Asset industry has been discussing the project known as NEX or Neo Exchange. This DEX or decentralised exchange will handle both transactions as well as limit and margin orders. Seeking to corner the market, that Binance has been unable to target.

Most major platforms have already started developing their own DEXs, so it is great to see NEO getting on board. Though the others may have a head start, NEX’s powerhouse team puts them in a great position to develop a wildly successful DEX. NEX is a big step forward for NEO, and with some of the planned technologies to be implemented into the NEX platform, it will be a big step for cryptocurrencies as a whole.



QLINK aims to be the world’s first decentralized mobile network. The platform is working to build systems to allow the users of the Qlink network to become a decentralized telecom organization. Qlink gives users a way to “rent” out unused bandwidth to other users on the platform. In exchange for providing their service, sellers of extra bandwidth will be compensated in Qlink’s QLC tokens.

The centralized telecom systems of today have a lot of challenges which Qlink is looking to solve. Some of these include inaccurate content distribution and billing, high usage fees, and security concerns regarding data transmission. Decentralized systems such as the one Qlink is implementing solves these issues and, most importantly, protects users’ data while providing more affordable options to customers.

Qlink will offer users 3 main services: Wi-Fi sharing, mobile data access and content distribution, and an enterprise-to-peer SMS service. To facilitate this, Qlink will implement a mobile and a desktop app. The mobile app will allow users to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots and access mobile data and content. It will also be used to register Wi-Fi hotspots and unused SMS access points on network, which can be accessed by any user for QLC tokens. The Qlink desktop app will offer many of the same featured as the mobile app. In addition, the desktop app will allow for the purchase of unused enterprise-to-peer (E2P) SMS and for the user to distribute content through Qlink.

There has been no comparable business which has tried to achieve the same things as Qlink, which gives them the advantage of being a first mover in the field. Qlink’s platforms have the potential to create an entirely new market which makes Wi-Fi more accessible, more affordable, and far more efficient than anything currently available.



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