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2 Coins Coinbase may list Next

Following ETC seeking an 80% bounce on news that they will be added to Coinbase. Nouvive has sought to zero in 2 Coins that Coinbase may list.

Coinbase during the hype of Crypto-Assets saw an addition of 50,000 users per day for close to 1 Month. This represents a huge market if a coin is added. This is what caused ETC, BAT, ZRX, ETC and XLM to see an average of 45% increases in the value of the coins.

Nouvive has used the Digital Asset Framework that outlines what Coinbase looks for when Coinbase will list a coin. This coupled with Nouvive’s Fundamental Indicator has led to two Coins: NEO and Steem.

NEO is referred in the market as China’s Ethereum. It is a rumour that NEO is bankrolled by the Chinese government despite Crypto-assets banned in the country. Nonetheless, it is viewed as one of the strongest contenders to Ethereum so far. It is a smart contract platform that allows developers to create DLT or Blockchain technologies whilst using languages such as Java or C#.

NEO solves the problem of making smart contracts more accessible to the public to create their idea by incorporating two well-known programming languages. In return for using the smart contract, one will be paid in GAS, another cryptocurrency issued by NEO Holders.

NEO has both a working product, including QLINK, NEX, DeepBrainChain and Ontology. Ontology is set to be in the top 25 within the next 6 months, with the rest soon to follow it.

More questions that are asked by Coinbase including:

  • Whether the code is open-source and tested by a third party?
    • The Code is open source with several third party audits of the code illustrating both the lack of security issues and vulnerabilities in the code.
  • What Blockchain does NEO incorporate?
    • They use their own blockchain, allowing others to also make use of the blockchain.
  • Is NEO a security and will it affect Coinbase’s Compliance regulations?
    • NEO is not a security, considered under the same umbrella as Ethereum. As NEO does not have any privacy issues, it will allow Coinbase to be fully compliant.
  • Is NEO Liquid and is it growing?
    • The market capitalization of NEO is currently over $1 billion. It is tradable on many exchanges against Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Tether, and some exchange coins. The 24-hour trade volume is about $56 million in August 2018. The total supply of tokens is 100 million. NEO is actively growing at a faster space. Moreover, it is being actively used by other Companies including: Ontology and DeepBrainChain:

STEEM is a cryptocurrency that runs on its own Steemit blockchain that enables content creators on the social media platform to be rewarded for their content by the readers. Not only do content and even comments get rewarded, there is also no centralized authority over the platform.

STEEM is a cryptocurrency that runs on its own blockchain that enables content creators to be rewarded for their content by readers. This makes it a Youtube Competitor, as those posting on the service get paid for doing so.

The user governance means that they decide on everything including how much one would get paid for participating by Liking, sharing and upvoting.

Steem brings blogging and social media to the blockchain. Not only is it controlled by users, it is also designed to reward good content. Anyone with internet access can create an account and earn on SteemIt. They have a working product, that has been live since March 2016, rewarded content creators close to $40 Million since June 2016.

In order for Coinbase listing, they have opened the code to test for vulnerabilities. Steem has its own blockchain. It makes use of Graphene blockchain technology which has been proven to sustain over 1,000 transactions per second and can be easily scaled to process over 10,000 transactions per second.

Steem is not a security under any Securities Law, nor would it affect Coinbase’s compliance for regulations. Moreover, they are highly liquid with a market capitalisation of $260 million as of August 2018. The total supply of tokens is just over 288 million, with over 271 million already in circulation.

There is a high demand for Steem, with over 920,000 User accounts on Steemit to illustrate this. The more quality content that’s shared on Steemit, the more people are attracted to the platform and the stronger the network grows. Since, its inception, they have an average of 1.5Million posts and 3.78 million comments per month.



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