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Neo Call: 3.0 Tech Release

NEO, like the rest of the market has been facing a never-ending spiral towards the Bottom. To Investors, this is excellent, isn’t it better to buy things for cheap?

The Head of Marketing at NEO discussed in an interview about their latest developments including increasing the scalability, technology issues that Ethereum is struggling with and their goal to achieve a higher transaction per second rate.

NEO is currently in the development phase for the upgrade of the platform, which will mark NEO 3.0

This will be preparing NEO for a better scalability issuance, as well as providing a higher transaction per second speed. Making NEO ready for real enterprise use cases. Thus, preparing them for the fifth revolution, the Smart Economy.

When asked about the future scalability plans of the NEO blockchain, Zhang said that NEO has just begun its development for the upgrade of the platform, which will be the NEO 3.0.

The Marketing Director went to say that NEO is working on building the bridge between the real-world economy with the virtual decentralized world and that NEO community’s mindset is what sets them apart from Bitcoin or Ethereum.

NEO is definitely a Coin that Nouvive has always recommended to the world, especially as they are behind the scenes backed by the Chinese Government.