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Haven Protocol Buy Soon

Haven Protocol is a privacy coin that utilises a new protocol to make your transactions non-identifiable by way of Smart Contracts.

It follows the Privacy coin world, with other coins including Monero, Dash and ZenCash, that offers both a private messenger, a dapp platform and recently listed on Coinbase.

Haven Protocol answers the problems of taxation theft and robbery by governments towards people having opposite political opinions, for instance last year in Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman’s enemies would have saved their billions by using XHV.

Who are Haven’s Competitors?

Tether is pegged and backed by Dollars – it can be seen as a Weak Competitor with many within the Crypto World asking to see their Vault – but no compliance has been made. It is unknown how much is actually stored in their vault.

Haven Protocol has a clear comparative advantage here, as the money is stored with smart contracts into vaults that allow offshore banking there’s no need for collateral. Not only does it protects your money from the governments but it keeps it safe from volatility by placing in it in a place that is not affected by price fluctuations.

How Haven Protects against Volatility?

You will be able to send XHV offshore to your own or someone else’s wallet. Doing so converts from XHV into XHVD. XHVD ensures you always retain the current USD value of the XHV you sent offshore at the current market price. When you want to convert your XHVD back into XHV you send ‘onshore’ and the amount of XHV you receive is equal to the current market value of the XHVD you have converted.

Product: There Is a slow transaction speed, however this is sufficient as consumers want privacy and not speed. Haven makes use of their own blockchain to protect against exit scams. There is no live public code available to view. Moreover, as it is recent, only the Android Wallet has come out, with the IOS unknown.

I like the sound of it, Can I buy Haven?

If you want to trade it, here has been the past One month and One-year Returns.

During this same time, BTC has also depreciated close to 80 per cent against the dollar.

Month Returns


One-month return


One-year return


Where Can I buy it?

  • XHV is not on any of the top 5 exchanges
  • Its available on Nanex.co – with no volume and TradeOgre, both exchanges are far more secure and theres less a risk of an exist scam.
  • Interestingly, in Cryptocurrencies, the harder it is to find the coin, the more potential exists.
  • Remember NANO or XRB?
    • It was on non-existent exchanges and then had a market cap went from $26 Million to $4.6 Billion in just one month, that’s a 176x increase.

NOUVIVE Recommends a BUY between 0.65 USD to 0.85 USD.


XHV is a real contender in the domain that has the ability to deliver a relevant solution to address the tax theft and volatility hitting investors and citizens. Down by 80.4% from ATH we actually have a very good entry and won’t last for long knowing that every day the market removes a barrier making the bull market closer with regulation, certain actors entering the market and the list goes on.
Finally, it may not be not as appealing as a top-tier cryptocurrency which has solid foundations but don’t forget we’re making a bet on the future, it has a leverage effect that is a thousand times more powerful if successful and moreover it will build momentum once offshore storage smart-contracts will be released, we will then see global media and communities putting the project in front of every spotlight.

NOUVIVE Recommends a BUY between 0.65 USD to 0.85 USD.


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