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HashGard TOP Coin of 2018

What does Hashgard do?

Hashgard is developing both a protocol and high-performance public blockchain to serve as a “one stop” solution for digital asset management.

Hashgard envisions a vibrant financial ecosystem built upon the Hashgard public chain and interoperability with other public blockchains.

The inclusion of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) functionality will allow any individual or organizations to form investment funds. Hashgard will also offer a decentralized arbitration service to resolve conflicts as they arise.

The front-end to the Hashgard ecosystem will be the asset management application that runs as Software as a Service (SaaS). Fund managers and investors will use the application for building portfolios, managing risk, advising clients, forecasting, and other functions that are fairly standard with existing financial services.

Who are Hashgard’s Potential Clients?

One of the most promising aspects of Hashgard is the fact that 50 investment funds have invested in the company.

As these investment funds are likely struggling with the same infrastructure and management issues surrounding digital assets, and considering their investment relationship with Hashgard, they are very likely to provide an instant ecosystem and be the first clients when the platform goes live.

Some of the Hashgard investors include:

Gobi Partners, Bibox, Node Capital, Alphabit Fund, Frees Fund, Transference Fund, Fang Fund Partners, Linkvc, LD Capital, IMO Ventures, PreAngel, 8Decimal Capital, Stars Capital, Milestone Capital, Next Blockchain Capital, Blockwater Capital, Bitrise Capital, Hello Capital, Code Link, Vulpe Capital, Spark Capital, CHI Capital, Scry.Info Foundation, IRIS Foundation, Delphy Foundation, MDS Foundation, Primas Foundation, Genesis Capital, and W Fund.

What does their Ecosystem Include?

  • DAO Asset Management:Investors, managers, fund managers, etc. can set up a DAO-style autonomous organization to ensure the standardization of fund operations through smart contracts.
  • Decentralized fund companies:Individuals empower technology, link global talent, and build DACs managing assets more efficiently.
  • Decentralization Fund:Supports the DAO model and different decentralized financial products.
  • SAAS Asset Management System: Provides digital asset investors with professional asset management, investment management, risk control, financial management, group collaboration and other functions.
  • Digital Asset Exchange: A platform for digital asset fund investors to register, redeem and exchange treasury shares.
  • Decentralized arbitration system: Supports the creation of an arbitration DAO to deal with business disputes in the community.
  • Decentralized supervisor:Guarantees asset security through cross-deals and custodial service provider.

Solutions of Hashgard:

  • Enhanced DAO autonomy: Digital assets based on blockchain technology have features such ascrosstemporal, cross-subject, and anonymity. Traditional observation is very difficult and expensive. At this stage, the introduction of blockchain core self-management can really help the industry promote self-discipline and standardization.
  • Finance including distribution: Hashgard can empower the design and release of distributed digital financial products and allow global investors to participate on a basis of their risk preferences.
  • Code-granting contract regulation: Hashgard includes a series of smart contract lists designed particularly for asset management. Fund managers, managers, third-party organizations, etc., when appointed by the investor, must follow the equivalent restrictions based on the smart contract.
  • The activity-level data on chain and privacy protection: The activity-level data in the Hashgard cannot be faked and will be protected by password. Fund managers and other fund-raising parties, on the one hand, will have their primary business data encrypted and stored through private keys, which will only be opened to the authorized person. On the other hand, they can reveal investment decisions, risk management, account management, financial management and other activity-level data to investors in order to prove the truth and reliability of efficiency.

Development Team & Advisory Board

Charlie Xu: Founder and CEO was previously the strategic manager of Fenbushi Capital. One of the top performing venture capitalist’s firms within the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain spheres. Charlie has also worked with large companies such as HKUST, Huawei and ZTE, etc and was awarded Excellent National Initiative and Entrepreneur by the Ministry of Education

Other Senior Members and Advices:

The rest of the team include former high-level operatives within Fenbushi Capital, going as far as the Co-Founder and pioneer of Bitshare, Vechain, Kyber Network and Quantstamp. Illustrating that the team have the experience and financial backers to encourage and find a solution for the problems that they seek to address.

How much Progress have they made?

  • Hashgard has already released a beta versionof their management software and developed the core algorithm for digital asset management.
  • Their testnet is expected to be released by the end of this yearwith a mainnet launch in 2019.

What is the use of the Token?

  • Tokens are an essential utility that power the economics of the Hashgard ecosystem.
  • The token is also used as gas to pay for transactions and serves as a reward to consensus nodes and for DApp developers and content creators.


Why Hashgard?


  • Already have 50 Financial Institutions signed on to make use of the EcoSystem
  • Hashgard solves a lot of existing problems that have not yet been dealt with by the 3 Trillion Dollar Industry that they seek to target
  • The advisors and financial bankers have over 10 year’s worth of experience in the Financial industry with over 3 years of experience in successful VC funding in the Blockchain World.


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