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Rate 3 Gem

RTE seeks to through tokenisation create a protocol for cross-border payment and credit scoring. This is defined as a self-sustaining and growing system that will end high processing fees poor exchange rates, chargeback risks and poor credit assessment when you want to transfer money to a friend or relative in a different country.

Analysis of Project:

The Rate3 Team has shown their ability by creating a browser extension, RateX. This saves online consumers money in cross-border transactions by finding the mid-market exchange rates. The young company has already relased a working product, illustrating that since its first private ICO – they are trust-worthy and capable of finding a solution to said problem. In addition, the problems that are addressed are ones which do indeed plague the $900B cross-border e-commerce market.

These include

  • High transaction fees

  • Processing fees

  • Fees on top of exchange rates

  • No credit scoring for loan acquisitions, affecting both merchants and customers.

What is the use of the token?

  • The RTE Token fulfils two functions: It is a holder of value and a medium of exchange within the Rate3 Ecosystem. Later, when Rate3 launches its Mainnet, this will be intergrated within its own wallet, with staking, they are able to earn tokens through incentivised cashback plans and by providing information for loans. Merchants will be able to pay for fees on the platform through the token.

  • Through a token burn for each successful transaction, the utility will increase as the supply decreases in circulation. Gas fees paid by merchants using CPP and transaction fees paid by lenders using CSP go to the redistribution pool of RTE tokens, from which consumers receive instant cashback rewards and discounts on loan payments, respectively. 

  • Once the network reaches a certain level of maturity, it will introduce a stablecoin to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions between merchants and customers, by eliminating volatility for holders.

  • Through atomic swaps, the RTE token can be native on both networks, existing on one at a time but with the ability to be instantly exchanged from one to another. These will be on the Zilliqa blockchain and Ethereum.

  • Disclosed partnerships with e-commerce platforms connecting merchants to customers such as Amazon, Taobao, Ebay, Expedia, and more, indicate that the network will not have very much difficulty finding and enabling users.

Why is Rate 3 the next Big Thing?

  • The CSP function has potentinal to be extremely disruptive, because there is no real-world platform enabling cross-border credit scoring based on transactions occurring on a particular network.

  • Rate3 will introduce in Q2 2020 will be offline functionality, involving a partnership with BrahmaOS, powering offline cross-border transactions. This would enable people to sign their transactions offline rather than online for security purposes.


  • The mainnet was set to occur in Q2 2018. However, the Mainnet for the CPP has been delayed to Q2 2019.

  • Things to watch out for include interoperability of Stellar and Ethereum blockchains with respect to the RTE token and the user-friendliness of the digital wallet.

  • The CSP is set to have its Testnet, Mainnet, and official launch all in Q4 2019;

  • The team expects to reach a transaction level significant enough to introduce Zillaqa blockchain in Q2 2020, as well as the stablecoin.

Team & Advisors

The team is entirely Singapore-based with young, entrepreneurial individuals who are trying to disrupt a major industry. Most of the investors and advisors hail from venture capital firms, the most notable of which is Fenbushi Capital, which is common for companies as young as Rate3.

The investment from Fenbushi Capital and advisory capacity of Bo Shen is an indicator of the potential and seriousness of the project, and a major asset for Rate3. Other very notable firms such as Matrix Partners and ING are also involved in the company, indicating that growth and profitability are what lie ahead for Rate3. The support from Carousell will serve them well as they will gain knowledge and practical advice from a successful e-commerce industry disrupter. The team has garnered attention and support from a wide array of venture capital firms, and this list will continue to grow if their timeline is achieved and their applications are launched and run smoothly and successfully.


  • The company is addressing a real problem in the e-commerce world, which has been discussed, but not solved.

  • Rate3 has a fair chance of being disruptive and successful, especially backed by the VC’s firms that are able to provide them necessary resources to accomplish such.

  • Nouvive Market Analysts like the concept of the digital wallet, the seamless cross-border currency exchange and transactions, the sidestepping of the fees, the instant benefits for customers and merchants, and the recording of transactions for the credit scoring protocol.

  • However, they have stated their skeptability to stick to the timeline considering the interoperability between the Stellar and Ethereum networks

  • With the Mainnet for CPP set for a year from now, that’s usually not a good indicator for establishing a position in the token of the company.

  • The current price of RTE is 50% below ICO price and a $8mn Market cap can be considered undervalued when Rate3 already have a working product and a series of investments from major recognised venture capital firms.

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