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PChain Airdrop

What is it?

PChain is a native multichain platform which supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which allows for one main chain and multiple derivative chains. Consensus in maintain across the chains via a hierarchical sharding pipeline. Additionally, PChain supports cross-token Smart Contracts. Currently trading at just 0.08 USD per PAI, PChain launched their 2-week ICO on 27th June. This presents an unmissable opportunity for all readers.

How it works?

PChain’s sharding system allows them to improve the performance of transactions. This is useful as it addresses issues of scalability and prohibitive transaction times and costs. The ability to execute Smart Contracts across different tokens is an excellent addition which opens the doors for real-world applications.


PChain has a competent team, with specialisms in blockchain technology, computer science and coding, network engineering and database indexing. Their expertise is complemented by five well-established advisers involved in cryptocurrency, payment processing and financial sectors. The team and its advisors are complemented by notable project partners including 19 investors.