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  • Markets: 20722
  • Market Cap: $175612285394.09
  • 24h Vol: $107973846384.06

4X Coin – 6 Weeks

Nouvive through its research partners, WeViveLive has found the next 400 per cent coin. This Coin has a timeline set for 6 weeks.

Wanchain was founded by Factom’s technical co-founder, Jack Lu, and aims to unite the world’s digital assets and transform the digital economy. Wanchain will connect existing major digital currency networks and asset exchanges in both a stable and secure way without modifying the original chains and allow for privacy protection between transacting parties. Wanchain also aims to be a bank of the future and provide lending, payment, settlement, transaction, investment and financing solutions.

Having hit a high of close to $10.51 (0.00010717 BTC) on May 3rd 2018, like most of the crypto currency market since then it has taken a down turn now sitting at a price $2.4277 (0.0003871 BTC)

As you can see from the chart below RSI is indicating a coin that has been oversold going below 30.