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3X Coin – 8 Weeks

Nouvive through its research partners, WeViveLive & Aeries-Hadson has found the next 244 per cent coin. This Coin has a timeline set for 8 weeks.


Wabi coin is a coin that uses blockchain to eliminate counterfeiting and fake products, using RFid tags with QR codes it tags the product for the consumer to verify whether it is the genuine article.

With a new man at the helm it looks to be heading in the right direction to be a coin that could have wide acclaim not only nationally but internationally.

Having hit a high of close to $6.06 (0.00040157 BTC) in January 2018, like most of the cryptocurrency market since then it has taken a downturn now sitting at a price $0.4355 (0.00005396 BTC)

As you can see from the chart below RSI is indicating a coin that has been oversold going below 30.