• Cryptocurrencies: 3833
  • Markets: 22710
  • Market Cap: $269785104583.14
  • 24h Vol: $104485606651.95

Top 5 Coins Weekly Signals

  • ETH
  • EOS
  • LTC
  • XRP

 ETHM18 or Ethereum Weekly Bitmex Trades:


On the Daily, HTF or Higher Time Frames, the RSI Stoch illustrates that the dumping has not yet finished. As a result, this represents an excellent shorting to Long opportunity on Bitmex.


Shortfrom 0.07718 (within range of 20 points up or down) to 0.07459. This represents a 3 per cent move (unleveraged) or a 50 per cent move with leverage.


Longfrom 0.07430, with a Saudi stop loss to 0.07382 on a leverage of 50X to 0.08. This represents a 7 per cent move unleveraged or a 150 per cent move leveraged.




On the 1D HTF, the Stoch RSI illustrates that the crossover of the lines means a change of market sentiment, following 24 days of consecutive dumping.


A long to the 9MA line as a result of the bounce to the 0.236 Fib Line represents a 12 per cent move unleveraged. With leverage of 50X – this would represent close to a 120 per cent move.


Long from 0.01345 to 0.01490.


EOSM18 on Bitmex:


7.6% move unleveraged or a 200 per cent move leveraged at 50X. A shooting star candle pattern can be seen illustrating a change of market sentiment from Bearish to Bullish. On the 6H HTF or Higher Time Frame, the Stoch RSI has reinforced that there will be a change of position. Especially as any bearish push down has been restricted by the 20D MA.


Longing from 0.0013550 to 0.0014160 is a 200 per cent move leveraged at 50X.


A 20 day retracement is about to end as the 6H HTF confirms on the RSI Stoch.

A long from 0.0000795 to 0.00089 illustrates a 15 per cent move unleveraged. On a 50X Leveraged move – this represents a 300 per cent swing trade move. A Saudi Stop Loss should be in place for 0.0000793. This is as a result of the Weekly Trendline – if it goes below this level – the entire upward trend is invalidated.