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What is Binance Listing Next?


Binance’s seventh round of “Community Coin of the Month” began on the 15thof July and will close on the 19th. Votes can be registered here: https://www.binance.com/vote.html/. The contenders are:  Arcblock (ABT), Bytom (BTM), Dock (DOCK), Fusion (FSN), Havven (HAV), Oyster (PRL), Pundi X (NPXS) and Ravencoin (RVN).

Significance of Binance

Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges on the planet. The highest volume of most cryptocurrencies is traded is on Binance. Once a cryptocurrency is listed on Binance, we tend to see significant appreciation. Already the cryptocurrencies in consideration have appreciated since the announcement of their status. Understanding which one of these cryptocurrencies has the highest chance for Binance listing may allow for significant returns on investment.

NouVive’s Recommendations

NouVive’s team of traders believes that the contention is between PRL, BTM, ABT, HAV and NPXS in that order.


Oyster is a blockchain project seeking to change website monetisation and distributed storage. It is built on IOTA Tangle and ETH with the core mechanism of allowing website visitors to contribute a marginal portion of CPU and GPU power to allow users’ file storage on its decentralised and anonymous ledger, in return for which website owners receive indirect payments by storage users and website visitors can browse ad-free. PRL utilises a robust data-storage protocol with various market leading features. It has a clean website presenting a dearth of information on the project, particularly technical mechanisms. While there is limited information available on its team, PRL has a comprehensive white paper, well-conceptualised road map, an easily purchasable token and its mainnet and data storage capabilities are up and running. Oyster has the strongest community out of all the contenders. Its team regularly updates its blog and GitHub, and PRL has the most active Reddit and Telegram communities out of all the coins discussed by a significant margin. This makes PRL a very strong contender for this round of Binance listing.


BTM is a Chinese blockchain project with a focus on integration with digital assets online. It utilises an integrative AI consensus algorithm, offers customisable smart contracts with complete control of assets and has enhanced efficiency through Digital Asset Atomic Transfer as complemented by a high concurrent exchange rendering BTM adaptable to diverse business environments. With a capable team regularly updating their public GitHub and a strong community kept informed through regular blog entries on BTM’s website and complementary discourse on Reddit, BTM has the potential to succeed despite its Chinese origins.


ABT has a considerably cleaner and better adapted website with greater information accessibility than BTM. ABT is an open-source blockchain project with a protocol providing an abstract layer for accessing underlying blockchains, enabling applications to work across blockchains. It seeks to set-up “Blockchain 3.0” to carry the torch onwards from BTC and ETH through cloud nodes, open chain access, middleware creating cross-blockchain access and incentivisation of adoption to create widespread use. ABT has raised a total of 18.58M at present. It has a competent team, a clear-cut and detailed roadmap and white paper on its website, a well-conceptualised five-year plan, major exchange listings and a diversity of complementary partners and investors. ABT is a strong contender for the Binance listing but its community is not nearly as strong as BTM’s.


We have written about HAV before. It is a decentralised payment network and seeks to act as a stable coin to bolster its adoption as a viable alternative to fiat in everyday use, especially online transactions. HAV has a very experienced team with diverse experience tested true in previous, successful cryptocurrency ventures. The team has a complementary advisory board consisting of industry leaders. Together they stand a strong chance to make HAV a success. However, HAV’s community pales in the face of both BTM and ABT. Moreover, its concept is not as game changing or novel of the two front-runners. While a strong contender, success is unlikely in terms of Binance listing at this stage.


Lastly, there is Pundi X, a blockchain project seeking to empower blockchain developers and token holders to sell cryptocurrency and services at any physical store in the world through its proprietary Pundi XPOS, a card-reader-like device facilitating payments through cryptocurrencies, mobile wallets and bank cards with support for retail intelligence, inventory management, order management, marketing and loyalty programmes. Production started in February 2019 and Pundi X seeks to deploy over 100,000 devices in more than 12 countries. While it has a competent team, notable partners, presents a real-world application of blockchain through increasing accessibility of cryptocurrency payments and a clean website, NPXS does not have the strongest community. While it may go on to become a huge success otherwise, we find it unlikely that it will succeed in this round of Binance listing.

Closing Remarks

Overall, NouVive’s team of traders believe that PRL and BTM have the strongest chance of success because of their strong communities. Purchasing tokens prior to the end of voting on 19thJuly may render significant potential returns on investment when one of the two is selected for listing. While we leave the ultimate choice to you, the potential to profit here is undeniable. You can acquire PRL on KuCoin and BTM on Bibox presently.




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