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Veio is a blockchain project aiming to revolutionise the renewable energy industry. Veio seeks to provide a comprehensive framework for waste management and the acquisition of renewable energy through ta 4-tiered model. Users can deposit waste with Veio Energy Partners, receive Veio Coin as an incentive for doing so, purchase energy products and services with Veio Coin and transact between friends and colleagues.

With its pre-ICO finishing on the 1st of July and the ICO taking place between 30th July and 1st September, we expect Veio Coin to appreciate significantly as the blockchain project gains the capital to bolster its project development. One point worth noting is that for its ICO, Veio will only be accepting ETH as a convertible currency.

How it works

The way it does this is by integrating blockchain with new technologies to incentivise a move towards renewable energy. This is down through the award of tokens to individuals who collect waste and send it to companies on the Veio platform who convert that waste into energy. Veio believes its platform is the solution to our wastage problems because of the way it brings peer-to-peer connectivity between consumers and producers, the provision of greater transparency and accountability and the potential of local energy self-sustainability.

Binance, MWAT and WPR

One of the most important considerations for predicting the valuation of a currency is its listing on a major exchange like Binance, wherein the bulk of trading occurs once its listed (normally above 50%). When cryptocurrencies are listed on Binance, we tend to see a sharp rise in the value of the token.

A good example of this can be seen by comparing MWAT and WePower. MWAT is the token for Restart Energy (RED), a self-titled blockchain-based energy ecosystem for a sustainable future, incorporating suppliers of energy, the acquisition of energy through MWAT, the use of the RED platform as a p2p energy exchange and the potential to start your own franchise through RED. With 200 commercial locations, 2000 new customers per month, over 300 energy franchises in Romania and 45 industry partner, we have high hopes from this project. However, similar to Veio, MWAT is currently not listed on Binance and trades at just 0.025 USD presently.

WePower (WPR) really highlights what a Binance listing can mean for a blockchain project. It is perhaps the least well-developed between Veio and RED but because of its blockchain listing, WPR tokens have the highest price amongst all three. WPR is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform which enables developers to raise capital by selling their energy production upfront through tradable smart contracts in a standardised, transparent and efficient system. Project financing for renewable energy is offered by both Veio and RED, although arguably the former deals more with waste management. WPR’s token almost reached 3x returns following its Binance listing but has since gone down to just 0.05 USD.

NouVive’s Analysis

We would recommend investing in RED because a Binance listing could help the market realise the value of what is being offered, especially in comparison to WPR. Moreover, NouVive’s team of traders specifically recommend investing in Veio’s ICO stage as very few blockchain projects are tackling the energy problem from the perspective of waste management. Moreover, upon ICO completion, there is a strong chance that Veio gains Binance listing which could present even greater returns. If you’d like to participate in Veio’s ICO, we recommend keeping up-to-date with: https://veio.io. Veio is currently in pre-ICO offering and its ICO will commence at the end of July.

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