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Metal or TokenPay

Unlike most of NouVive’s Coin Watch articles, this one will provide a comparative analysis of Metal and TokenPay as both cryptocurrencies provide similar solutions to the potential growth area of money transfers.


Metal uses an app to allow users to send and receive payments which can be sent anytime, anywhere. It incentivises use by rewarding every instance of use by allowing users to collect a 5% bonus on payments sent and received with Metal Pay, which it has branded as “Pop”. Metal earned by popping it can be cashed out at any time by connecting with your bank. Metal is currently trading at 2.10 USD after reaching a high of 8 USD and has failed to bounce back to the 8 USD level since. As Metal’s wallet is already released and it has committed to present branding, we anticipate that at most investments in Metal will yield returns on investment of approximately 4x.


TokenPay has a similar idea with a better developed concept and execution. TokenPay is a decentralised and self-verifying payment platform aimed at ensuring secure transactions between multiple parties. The platform holds maximum user security as its focal thrust and the system can be accessed exclusively through the encrypted Tor browser, a military grade encrypted browser. Transactions are conducted with TokenPay’s proprietary and untraceable TPAY which is a digital asset imbedded with advanced safety features including a stealth addressing system, encrypted messaging, completely anonymous trading and a unique hashing algorithm to maintain consistent fast and secure transactions. The user of the TPAY token system is protected through a custom-built Multisignature Transaction Engine, an advanced protocol that allows participants to generate their own pairs of private keys and public addresses. Thus, TPAY users can initialise transactions by signing with their corresponding private key which acts as the action for a particular public address, thus executing the transaction without the need to actually reveal your private key. This is similar to the PGP system of text encryption and presents itself as a highly-secure system. In addition to this, TokenPay incorporates a peer-to-peer encrypted instant messaging system to maintain private conversations using TokenPay wallets, with all messages encrypted by the proven AES-256-CBC algorithm.


TokenPay’s team has also conceptualised a model for the international BlueDiamond debit card with direct connection to TokenPay digital wallets, with universal access similar to Visa issued debit cards. TokenPay seeks to incentivise adoption by providing merchants with a low 0.25% transaction fee, flexibility to receive the payment as either fiat or cryptocurrency, and an aggressive initial merchant on boarding and promotion campaign driven by special zero-fee offer on transactions.


TokenPay represents a well-developed concept. The success of BTC can be traced back to its initial real-world use. Before investors and global markets caught on to the intrinsic benefits of cryptocurrency over fiat, users accessing dark net markets through the Tor browser adopted Bitcoin because of its decentralised and initially untraceable nature. This has since changed with block chain analysis rendering transactions even on the dark net traceable. There is a shortage in the market for an anonymous, low cost and timely cryptocurrency platform. While platforms such as Monero present a viable alternative over Bitcoin through a private blockchain, TPAY takes this many steps further through the in-wallet use of Tor, a system analogous to PGP encryption for cross-wallet messaging and the BlueDiamond debit card would eliminate the need for cashing out.



WeViveLive’s team believes that TokenPay represents massive potential gains, especially compared to Metal. TokenPay has a well-developed concept that provides a solution to the very real problem of transaction and communication anonymity. Moreover, TokenPay’s competent team has real-world vision seen through their concept of the BlueDiamond international debit card which could revolutionise the use of cryptocurrencies. We anticipate that TPAY, currently trading at 2.94 USD will rise to 7.30 USD upon rebranding and in the long-term could rise to between 100 to 250 USD. TPAY represents potential long term gains of 85x and is a cryptocurrency that should be in every subscriber’s wallet.





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