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DigiDex is a blockchain project seeking to enable real-time point of sale transactions directly from users’ cryptocurrency wallets. DigiDex’s intention is to make real-time exchange of cryptocurrency into fiat a reality through enabling instantaneous payments at the point of sale from a wallet.

How it works

DigiDex’s model creates an efficient alternative to traditional banking by allowing users quick and secure access. Moreover, the current transaction fees and confirmation times for cryptocurrency to fiat conversions are incredibly prohibitive. Thus, the real-time, point-of-sale nature of DigiDex has the potential to revolutionise how we view cryptocurrencies. DigiDex’s token will provide access to state channels which will serve the function of ensuring sufficiency of BTC or ETH in your digital wallet.


With a competent team, an engaging project presentation, the availability of detailed project information and the potential to change the way we interact with cryptocurrency on a global level, NouVive’s team of traders anticipate DigiDex’s tokens to appreciate meaningfully as the project develops its solution to real-time, point of sale crypto to fiat payments and particularly, when DigiDex is potentially listed on Binance. We also appreciate the strength of DigiDex’s budding community on both Reddit and Telegram.

NouVive’s Analysis

As we have discussed in previous articles, there is a strong correlation between the listing of a cryptocurrency onto a major exchange (for instance, Binance) and an appreciation in its value. Most cryptocurrencies listed on Binance tend to have over 50% of their traded volume on Binance. This is very significant, especially for newer cryptocurrencies like DigiDex emerging from ICO stages successfully.

Your goal should always be to achieve a meaningful return on investment across your portfolio of instruments, and at this stage investment in DigiDex may render significant potential returns in the next few months, allowing you to take a worthwhile profit while avoiding the bulk of market volatility when trading takes off for DigiDex upon market discovery following its potential launch on Binance and other major listings (at the initial stage of which we expect a sharp increase in value).

You can find more out about DigiDex on their website: https://digidextoken.io/. DigiDex has finished its ICO stages and is currently in token sale. While you can no longer take advantages of the ICO stage token bonuses DigiDex was offering, you can still take advantage of the appreciation DigiDex’s token will see as they move towards major exchange listings.

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