• Cryptocurrencies: 4025
  • Markets: 23120
  • Market Cap: $272540058201.53
  • 24h Vol: $67571791487.552

Bodhi Prediction Market

Bodhi is a blockchain project aiming to build a credible, autonomous and global prediction market. The platform will allow users to create and trade on the outcome of finance, sports and politics and any other type of publicly verifiable event. Bodhi’s “replicable oracle” mechanism is powered by BOT and enhances reliability of the prediction market’s decision-making process.

 How it works?

 The prediction market is built atop Qtum blockchain which combines Bitcoin Core infrastructure with Ethereum VM to provide stability, modularity and interoperability for decentralised applications. Bodhi expects China will become the largest prediction market and believes its platform bridges the gap between this Chinese market and the world. Both third party Oracle and decentralised voting-based Oracle are enabled by Bodhi allowing for a more efficient and self-governed platform through the combination of Gnosis and Augur.